HERO Trauma Bandage

We are a health care company dedicated to creating and implementing innovative Trauma Bandages and Wound Care disposables for improved medical care and clinical outcomes for military and civilian uses.

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Products in the Pipeline


For military, emergency, and hospital use:

 The HERO Bandage is an innovative solution to provide a rapidly applied head or limb bandage.

The HERO line of bandages will include:

Head Bandages (render provided here)

Limb bandage with tourniquet capability

Digit bandages

Head and limb bandages with biosensor capabilities 

About Us

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Our Health Mission

To fill a needed gap in the rapid and effective treatment of head and limb wounds for emergency, surgical, burn and chronic wounds.

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Experience and Professionalism

With a medical, military logistics and supply chain background, our team understands the importance of safe, efficient, and cost-effective products. The health of patients will always come first.


Military and Civilians Uses

For battlefield wound care, emergency response applications, hospital urgent care or even home health care. These head and limb bandages will improve wound healing and patient outcomes.

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